Piece-Keeper Jacket-Slot

Item: H080

Made in the USA

The Piece-Keeper safety latch thumb break positively retains your gun in your holster. This holster has a build-in belt tensioner and a jacket slot so you can wear your jacket between the belt loop and the pistol grip. Features covered trigger guard and fully leather lined. For medium-frame revolvers with 4" barrel and semiautos. Available in black, with plain or basketweave finish, or in high-gloss Clarino.

Piece-Keeper, Strong's patented* safety latch thumb break retention system, keeps your handgun secure until you need to draw it. It's easy and instinctive to use. Rotate the latch to the rear as you draw. Until the latch is turned and the thumb break unsnapped, your handgun stays in your holster.
* 5,127,566 and 5,119,620
Plain Weave Clarino
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