Double Thick Recessed Badge Holder for Neck or Belt

Item: 807 SERIES

Made in the USA

This is just like the 811 series but has a double thick badge section for dapped (curved) or pin fastened badges. All models are custom cut to fit your badge. The badge is easily attached by separating the hook and loop fastener front and back. A unique pocket holds the chain when not in use and the chain can be easily deployed to wear around your neck for high visibility.

With over 2300 badge cutouts, 30 different shapes and sizes, we can ensure a seamless fit for your badge. If you do not know the correct shape, order the model number with an "X" in the fourth digit and provide us with the manufacturer/model number of your badge. (Example: 807X0)

If you want a chain for model 807 or 811 please add a "7" to the fifth digit. (Example: 807X7).

Please specify if you want Black, brown or tan leather. Call for pricing on brown or tan leathers.
807X0 without chain
807X7 with chain